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Rabu, 25 Juli 2012

Broken vow ~ jangan baca nanti nangis

Tell me her name 
I want to know 
The way he looks 
And where you go 
I need to see his face 
I need to understand 
Why you and I came to an end 

Tell me again 
I want to hear 
Who broke my faith in all these years 
Who lays with you at night 
When I'm here all alone 
Remembering when I was your own 

I'll let you go 
I'll let you fly 
Why do I keep on asking why 
I'll let you go 
Now that I found 
A way to keep somehow 
More than a broken vow 

Tell me the words I never said 
Show me the tears you never shed 
Give me the touch 
That one you promised to be mine 
Or has it vanished for all time 


I close my eyes 
And dream of you and I 
And then I realize 
There's more to love than only bitterness and lies 
I close my eyes 

I'd give away my soul 
To hold you once again 
And never let this promise end 

*nangis kan galau kan sok atuhlah silakan nangis dipelukan dude herlino :'(

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